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Tenugui Fuji

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Tenugui Fuji – traditionelles Baumwolltuch
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Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur


Fuji - Japan's symbolic mountain, surrounded by sky, landscape and lake, which together form a stunning sight.

A traditional cotton Tenugui. It has been popular in Japan for centuries because of its versatility: it can be used as a hand towel, head scarf (still used in the martial art of kendo), headband, eco-wrap, belt, tablecloth... The two shorter sides are usually unhemmed, so that the thickness of the hem is not a problem when tying. Often given as a practical souvenir in Japan, the tenugui with the family crest was the predecessor of the business card in the island nation.

Due to the hand dyeing method called Chusen, it may lose colour, so we recommend washing it before first use. Hand washing in lukewarm water is recommended. Fibres may come loose on the untrimmed side after the first 2-3 washes, this is natural, cut them off carefully and the loosening will stop.

How is Tenugui made and how to use it? Visit https://www.japan.travel/en/japan-magazine/2007_tenugui/.

Produkt aus Japan
Größe 90 cm x 33 cm
Material 100% Baumwolle


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