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Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur


Takuba” is a simple and practical incense tray, which allows the user to burn an entire stick of incense, while leaving no unused portion when the stick is done burning. After use, it is simple and easy to clear the tray to be used again.

Over time, the smell and stain may remain on the surface of ceramic felt.
Change the used ceramic felt with new one to use it comfortably.
1 x Replacement Ceramic felt comes with "takuba"

[How To Use]
1. Light the tip of stick incense and gently fan out the flame. If the incense stick is too long, cut it into two with a scissor.
2. Carefully place the lit stick of incense horizontally and directly on the surface of the tray. 

Größe 9 cm
Material Keramik, Bambus
Produkt aus Japan


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