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Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur


Solid ink made traditionally, from soot and glue with the addition of incense, which can be used for both calligraphy and brush painting.

Along with the ink stone, brush and paper the inkstick is considered one of the Four Treasures of Study.

The characters on it say SHODO, or Calligraphy. Great for learners of Japanese language, calligraphers at beginner and intermediate levels as well. 

It can be quickly dissolved into a smooth liquid by gradually adding drops of water while grinding on a suitable inkstone, achieving thus shades ranging from light gray to charcoal black.

After usage pat the inkstick on a cloth to dry it off and let the inkstick air dry for a few hours!

Store it in a dry place, Please avoid storing in a sunny place.

Produkt aus Japan
Größe 18 x 10 x 68 mm


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