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L'espoir Gift Set

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Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur



On May 1, 2019, Japan embarked upon a new era known as Reiwa, which follows the Heisei era that had encompassed the previous 30 years.  
To commemorate this occasion, the master incense blenders of Shoyeido have created two unique fragrances to embody these two eras.  
A newly developed incense tray allows you to burn the incense without the aid of an incense holder.  

Green color Incense (MIZUASAGI)
A harmony of the rich scent of aromatic wood with the fresh scent of flowers, reminding one of the old memories and the passage of time.

Pink color incense (USUBENI)
A new era filled with hope is expressed in the scent of a vibrant, charming flower.

*5 sticks each of 2 scents (7cm / Burning time: Approx.15min)
*3 triangle-shaped incenses, each of 2 scents (2.5cm / Burning time: Approx.10min) 
Incense Tray: 
1 Ceramic/felt incense tray

Größe 147 x 207 x 22 mm
Produkt aus Kyoto, Japan


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