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Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur


HORIN assortment 

Many devoted fans of our Horin incense maintain it's the finest incense line they've experienced.

This beautiful 20-stick assortment, containing four sticks each of five splendid Horin blends (and a basic incense stand) may make a believer of you! Contains the following:

Avenue of the Villa (Nijo): A timeless sandalwood recipe, reminiscent of a fresh afternoon rain.

White River (Shirakawa): Named for Japan's snowy White River Valley, this inviting new fragrance brings a feeling of comfort and warmth. 

Returning Spirit (Genroku): Aged woods and fine herbs commemorate a culture's golden age.

City of Culture (Muromachi): A spicy, earthy scent inspired by an epoch of great artistic triumph.

Peaceful Sky (Tenpyo): The fragrant essence of Shoyeido's premium incense products is found in this pure, sweet blend.

4 sticks each of 5 Horin Coil incense sticks + 1 incense stand

Ingredients: Aromatic woods, herbs, spices

Approx. burning time: 20 min. per stick

How to use:

*Light the tip and gently fan out the flame, then insert the incense into the holder. 
*Use a proper incense burner or stand made from heat-resistant material.

Größe 20 St. / 7 cm
Produkt aus Kyoto, Japan


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