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Furoshiki Tasche

€ 19,20 (€ 16,00 + MwSt)
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(70 x 70 cm) Furoshiki tasche.
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Voraussichtlicher Liefertermin: 31. Mai 2024

Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur

Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur


Grocery bag, handbag, good friend of bentos...that's furoshiki.

Combined with these ring handles, you can make a unique and pretty bag from this lovely furoshiki with cranes. The secret is a simple knot, with which you can attach the furoshiki to the handle. It can be disassembled any time and the cloth can be used for other purposes. The cranes -tsuru - are symbols of a long and happy life in Japan.

A perfect gift for creative souls!

If the idea works, you can vary the rings with any other traditional or modern furosiki. You have just found an eco-friendly way to create a bag to match any outfit in minutes.

Produkt aus Japan
Material 100% Baumwolle, Ring:PVC
Größe 70 x 70 cm


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