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Aquarellpinselsatz FUJI

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Traditionelles japanisches Pastellfarbsortiment.
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Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur

Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur


Easy-to-handle synthetic fiber brushes ending in a tip, handmade by skilled craftsmen. They are filled with water-based ink.

Extremely practical, portable, reusable, convenient storage, easy to wash off skin and clothes. 

Not refillable.

For watercolour art, adult colouring books, calligraphy, hand lettering, anime illustrations, manga. Recommended for beginners and artists too. 

The package contains 14 brush pens in traditional Japanese vibrant colours, in a practical transparent, resealable case, as well as a black ThinLINE waterproof outline brush pen and a brush pen to be filled with water. You can have an ombre effect by touching the brush tips. If you dip the brush tip in water, you will get a lighter shade. Start painting with a strong shade and then thin out the ink with the water-filled brush.

The package includes watercolor shades of the following colors: cherry blossom, light red, crimson, orange, yellow, yellowish green, brownish green,evergreen, azure, indigo, ukltramarine, lilac, ocher, brown and a brush for water as well as the ThinLINE black contour pen.

Its manufacturer Akashiya is known for producing high quality handmade brushes for over 300 years. In these brush pens, the traditions of brushes were combined with practicality. They can also be used on modern papers, however we recommend to use them on Japanese rice paper or watercolor paper to achieve an even more beautiful effect.

Produkt aus Japan
Größe 230 x 184 x 18 mm


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