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Akashiya Sui Script Hiragana Set mit Pinselstift

€ 14,40 (€ 12,00 + MwSt)
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For learning hiragana with water brushpen
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Versandkostenloss ab 120.- Eur


An inevitable tool for those who wish to start learning Japanese!

Practice writing hiragana characters, as much as you want without worrying about wasting paper. 

2 pieces of B5 water writing paper for practicing the hiragana syllabary.

The guide indicates the order and direction of the strokes. 

Thanks to the aesthetics of writing with a brush, learning the basic strokes and hiragana becomes really joyful.

The set includes a water-filled brushpen with a transparent cap. Fill the pen's water container with clean water and start practicing. You get the perfect tool to master the technique of brush handling. You can adjust the amount of water applied to the brush strands by lightly pressing the pen at the PUSH sign. When you have finished writing, empty the water container, dry the brush with a cloth and only then cover with the cap.

Produkt aus Japan
Größe 191 x 295 x 16 mm


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